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If you’re going to connect with your customers in today’s world, your business has to be found online. Not only is it vital to have a website, but you also need to be socially active, have correct listings, be found in searches, all while building and protecting your online reputation, WHEW! In essence, you need a strong ‘Online Presence Portfolio.'
We know local business owners are starved for time. On top of working 50+ hours per week, 43% of these owners spend over 6 hours promoting their business on social media. That’s over 300 hours a year! Are you ready to get those hours back? Or, would you like to beat your competition this year?
Then it's time to get our award-winning Snapshot Report (our MRI for business) that explains how your business is doing online. And, for a limited time, we’re offering it for free, normally a $245 dollar service. So, order yours today and let us help you get back to what’s important, YOUR BUSINESS!
If your customer isn't finding you online, then you need to be finding us.
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We can ...

— Locate and correct all online listings about your business

— Monitor and answer online reviews throughout the Internet

— Benchmark your business against other local competitors

— Engage with your customers thru your social networks

— Keep track of your reputation all over the Internet

— Keep tabs on what your employees are saying online

— Watch customer's activities and how they found you

— No long-term commitment and low monthly pricing

— Provide progress reports on monthly basis

Serving the International Community

The countries we serve, outside the US, around the globe. (Updated late-2018)

Antigua and Barbuda – Aruba – Australia – Barbados – Belize – Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Virgin Island – Canada – Cayman Islands – Dominica – Grenada – Jamaica – Montserrat – New Zealand – Panama – Puerto Rico – South Africa – Saint Kitts and Nevis –Saint Lucia – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Trinidad and Tobago – Turks and Caicos Islands - United Kingdom
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Did we mention that we do social media posting

— Yup, relevant posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn with posting 3-4 times a week —

81% Of Consumers

—   Search Online Before Entering a Store

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Wanna be found by your customers

— We can boost an additional 40 – 80 sites to your listings, now that's getting noticed! —

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Think your business doesn't need to be found online?

— Most consumers go online before shopping locally —

Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media to shop locally, according to a BIA/Kelsey and their ConStat study. “The Internet has indeed become an integral part of consumers’ local commercial activity,” said Steve Marshall, director of research, BIA/Kelsey. “The data suggest we’re at an inflection point where the balance of power in local shopping is shifting to online.”

Having a website today falls way short of being found on the Internet. How are your social skills? Do you know what people are saying about your business online? Let us help you build your ‘Online Presence Portfolio’ and bring in customers like never before.

Can you hear them ...

—  Your customers are talking about you, are you listening —

And it all starts with a custom snapshot report for your business or as we prefer to call it your MRI for business. A custom report built for your business and how you’re doing online. This report also compares your business to your local competitors in your industry as well.

Snapshot covers your marketing performance in areas such as listings, reviews, social, website speed, and reputation. Don’t fret if your scores are low, almost everybody’s is in the beginning, ours was, and that’s why we can help you. We can help boost these scores so you can start killing your competition and start bringing in more customers, thru your doors, than ever before. No need to talk with anybody, just download the report, but we'll definitely here for the questions you have afterward.

The best thing is that for a limited time, IT’S FREE!


We can protect your reputation, build your brand, increase awareness of your website and bring foot-traffic to your doorsteps. It’s like putting your online presence on steroids!

With our SEO 2.0 services we’ll spread your brand all over the Internet, all at a fraction of the cost of other SEO companies. (See Pricing)

We offer ‘grow as you go’ plans with no ‘long-term commitment.’ Take advantage of our concierge services so you can get back business.

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Listing Builder - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing AgencyListing Builder - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing Agency

Are you the kind of person who likes to kick the tires before you purchase something? Well, you’re in luck. After you have reviewed your free Snapshot report, we’ll demo your own personal dashboard that you can use with or without our paid services and this isn’t for a trial period either. We’ll provide you with our ‘Listing Builder,’ a freemium service just for taking the time to check out our services.

Inside of Listing Builder, you’ll be able to improve your search presence with location pages and create responsive mobile-­‐friendly micro-sites for your business within minutes, all without needing any coding knowledge. And, you will be able to review all the areas we use to help build your online reputation and protect it.

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Want more freebies, try out Listing Sync, inside Listing Builder, where you can push out information to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts, three for free. Update information once and have it dispersed to all profiles with a click of a button or make sure your social data remains up-to‐date all from one location, how’s that for a freemium!

And when you’re ready to upgrade, try ‘Listing Sync Pro,’ you can instantly create, fix and protect listings on up to 80 sites, depending on business category and location. (Paid upgrade.)

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Listing Sync Pro - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing AgencyListing Sync Pro - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing Agency


Listing Distribution - Local Domination OnlineListing Distribution - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing Agency

With Listing Distribution we can supercharge your online listings! When you’ve finished your business profile page, the process of correcting the listing information across the four major data providers can be started.

After this process begins, you can check back and actually see the changes taken place until they are complete. Fix the four major data provider’s data and watch your rankings shoot up when search engines, review sites, and directories get the correct business data for your business. (Paid upgrade.)

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All business-owners are concerned with their bottom line, but when it comes to social media it’s not always clear how many Likes equal a dollar. At the same time, building a fanbase can be difficult, especially for people like plumbers, insurance brokers, locksmiths, etc. who might have difficulty finding enough content to post.

Thanks to our social marketing packages, social media isn’t just about Likes anymore. It helps you find leads and build real ROI. So, grow your fanbase and turn online leads into raving customers!

We provide real-time content, tracking performance and activity that's pertinent to your business to share across all of your social channels.

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Reputation Management - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing AgencyReputation Management - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing Agency

Our state-of-the-art Reputation Management software constantly surveils the Internet for reviews about your business. And, our three-pronged approach is critical for guaranteeing maximum exposure on the Internet for your business.

  • Hear what your customers are saying about your business on review sites, blogs and social networks
  • • Ensure your online listings are consistent across the Internet
  • • Monitor your employees’ activity on social media
  • See how your online presence compares to your competition
  • • Receive regular, actionable reports that help improve online presence
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    Introducing our “Concierge Services.” We provide either DIWY (Do It With You) services or DIFY (Do It For You) services.

    Here’s how it works –

  • Step 1 --- We’ll set you up for a call with one of our Digital Agents to determine your needs for our full-service experience.
  • Step 2 --- Our Digital Analyst carries out all your monthly tasks (with or without your assistance) including correcting online listings, monitoring and replying to online reviews and much more.
  • Step 3 --- Forward emails in areas that you want to be notified about, such as negative and/or positive reviews that we find, with our reply for your approval.
  • Step 4-­‐ Detailed performance reports are generated and emailed to you at the end of every month.
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    Brand Monitoring - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing AgencyBrand Monitoring - Local Domination Online

    Does your business have more than one location? Want to know which are your best and worst performers? Try our 'best-in-class' multi-location reputation reporting service.

    With multi-location posting you can post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for numerous locations simultaneously. Keep consistent brand messaging across a few or all locations.

    Our Brand Analytics is great for small business and large brands alike. There is no limit on the number of locations that can be added to your account or reports,/p>

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    Get discovered in places most SEO companies haven’t even considered yet, such as navigation (NAV) systems for automobiles.

    Today's NAV systems are becoming more sophisticated so is the advertising that goes with them.

    • We populate your business listing in some of the most popular navigation systems, including eight of the car manufacturer’s NAV systems. And we’re adding to this list all the time.


    GPS Systems - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing AgencyGPS Systems - Local Domination Online - Digital Marketing Agency